First Quarter Expectations
These are the benchmarks that your child is expected to have mastered by the end of first quarter.
· Students can count to 25.
· Students can identify and write numbers 1-10.
· Students can count a set of up to 10 objects, record how many there are in the set, and make an equivalent set.
· Students can represent the numbers 1-10 with objects or drawings.
· Students can identify circles, squares, rectangles, and triangles.
· Students can identify characters and setting of the story.
· Students can identify the author and illustrator and explain their roles.
· Students can identify the title, title page, and front and back covers of a book.
· Students can recognize and name 26 out of 52 uppercase and lowercase letters.
· Students can read 8 or more sight words
· Students will write his/her name with a capital letter at the beginning and the rest using lowercase.
· Students can use pictures and words to write.
Social Studies
· Students can identify why people follow rules in their classroom, school, and neighborhood.
· Students can explain similarities in themselves and others.
· Students can understand positive relationships through fair play and friendship.
· Students can explain different ways objects and organisms move.
· Students can use positional words to describe where an object is.